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We provide comprehensive vision and eye health examinations.

Our complete health exams include a dilated exam for early detection of glaucoma, cataracts, retinal disease, diabetic eye disease, and other ocular diseases.

Our patients know that we are their primary care providers for any eye condition including infections, allergies and dry eyes. Our doctors also provide emergency care.

Disease Management & Treatment
Dr. Fouad Melamed is licensed to treat most eye infections, allergies, and diseases. He is also one of the few optometrists in California that is certified to treat glaucoma, an optic nerve disease. Dr. Melamed is licensed to prescribe both topical and oral medications if the need may arise.

Dr. Melamed performs consultations for dry eyes, cataracts, retinal problems and Free LASIK consultations. We are affiliated with only highly respected leaders in ophthalmology, including cataract, cornea and retina specialists. We only refer to surgeons with the most extensive surgical experience.

Contact lens services
Our doctors are trained to fit both soft and rigid contact lenses. Our practice continues to grow because of referrals by satisfied patients and doctors in the Los Angeles area.

Not only do we provide basic soft lens fittings, we also prescribe specialty contact lenses that include astigmatism and bifocal lenses. Many of our patients who require bifocal glasses are also fit with soft or rigid multifocal (bifocal) contact lenses.